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22 APRIL 2022 - 23 APRIL 2022




For all the coders TEXEPHYR brings Code storm. Write out the optimized and most efficient code to prove your coding prowess. This event will not only test your coding but also evaluate your debugging.
Event format:
They are two completely different tracks:
1) Minor (Diploma & FE & SE)
2) Major (TE & BE)
Prizes for both tracks are different.

Round 1-MCQ:
Contestants will have to answer set of questions. Questions will be of multiple choice and the contestant has to choose the appropriate one. Questions will be based on technical know-how.

Round 2 (REVERSE CODING) (For Minor):
Contestants will be given input-output sequences and will have to decode the logic behind it. The code can be written in any of the four languages i.e. C, C++, java or python. Both time and correctness of code will be considered.

Contestants are assumed to be at a zero level initially. Contestants will have to choose one of the given difficulty levels (say around 1 to 5). For each of the difficulty level contestants will be rewarded with certain points if answered correctly (say 100 for difficulty level 1, 200 for 2 and so on).

Round 3- (Final Coding Round):
This round will be a hard-core coding round. A problem statement will be provided for which a code needs to be developed. The code can be written in any of the four languages i.e. C, C++, java or python. Both time and correctness of code will be considered.

  1. All events will be held online.
  2. Participants have to keep their mic and camera on during the event.
  3. Participants should only be from recognized educational institutes/universities.
  4. Participants have to bring their College ID cards and the receipt of registration during reporting.
  5. Time slots will be given and participants are expected to follow it strictly.
  6. Participants are expected to give their correct contact details, so as to inform them about the results.
  7. Details of the round will be disclosed at the time of event.
  8. Rules may be changed without prior intimation. Participants are requested to check the TEXEPHYR website regularly for updates.

Any student with valid ID card of their educational institute can participate.
Prize money may be subjected to change.
Organisers reserve the right to change any rules.


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March 20th to 25th
Palo Alto, California
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