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About US

Hi! We're Texephyr

Technical events establish a bridge between students and the industry. Texephyr, a national level techfest organized by the students of MIT WPU Pune provides a platform for creative minds nation wide to showcase their curricular and extracurricular talents.Texephyr is beyond just a technical fest. It is a foundation for students to experience various aspects of professional life. It is held with the aim of celebrating and appreciating the new technology and innovation.

Texephyr is the annual technical fest of MIT-WPU, which from its inception back in 2014, has been trying to bridge gaps between mainstream education and ambitious innovation. TEXEPHYR is an amalgam of the words- Technology and Zephyr. The significance is to convey the change brought upon by innovative minds. We at Texephyr try to provide a platform to students to find their creativity and carve their paths for a better tomorrow for all of us, after all, a nation is only as strong as its youth. Our motto has always been about encouraging the youth to get inspired and find their flame.


3D Printing Workshop

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Python Workshop

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Embedded System & Internet of Things

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Graphic Designing

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Industrial Automation

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